Greater Manchester

Bio: Creative, thoughtful and honest hopeful who is trying to create a change in the world by spreading positive thoughts and challenging outdated attitudes. I want to make a difference by providing an uplifting, supportive space where everyone is offered love and kindness. The HOPE family wants to help and heal. I hope to use this space to offer unconditional support to others by exploring health, wellness and inner well-being. Please join me on this mischievous journey of joy, love, laughter even through our struggles. Life is limitless. Do not limit yourself. Interested in raising awareness, providing support and healing. Offering free advice on Health insurance evaluations, information on competitive packages, and a transparent service. Empowerment through creativity. All my work is original in terms of poetry and creative shoe projects. Copyright © 2014 Thanks

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One thought on “About

  1. Masha T. Jones says:

    You wanted to know more about @ATBTPlay. All the Beautiful Things is a play about how two kids deal with their sexual abuse, the ramifications of generational abuse and family secrets. I wrote the play from personal experience. It is being performed as a graduate thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design on April 10th to the 12th.

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