The Storyteller



A fierce gust of wind danced with her mocha curls, arrogantly tossing her bangs against the ice grey scrutiny of her almost invisible eyes. Thick eyelashes disappointingly losing  an unprovoked battle with hair wildly determined. However, with an unnerving intensity, she gazed longingly at the “twin-tailed mermaid” hanging precariously above her head.  The Starbucks siren- a proud familiar stranger. An exciting tingle of an old pleasure brimming in her veins. A knowing smile spreads across her wide mouth, as a hypnotised elderly gentleman and his wooden walking companion stops to gawk at her. Briefly closing her eyes, she inhales sharply to stop the music rising within her soul. Even though, mystified by this sudden awakening, she pulls herself back to the present. This was not the time to indulge. She had more pressing plans to pursue without devilishly tempting distractions. Opening her eyes again, she notices the gentleman shuffle into a solitary leather seat with his head buried in the Daily News.

In a quick elaborate toss of her fingers, she finishes printing her messages on her used chai latte cup. Admiring her handiwork, she smiles satisfied with her ingenuity. The proud red lipstick stains, her unique signature winking cheekly back at her.


We all have a story.

What’s yours? 


Carefully placing her art piece on a roundtable, she steps away quickly worried she may change her mind. Hands tucked into her faux fur coat, she walks away. Red heels clicking softly against tan tiles as she quietly reassures no one in particular.

“Someone will respond. They will.”

Now all she had to do was to wait for the eager ping of her inbox.

The time for luring sailors to shipwreck off the coast of an island in the South Pacific, had long passed. This modern world just wasn’t what she was accustomed too but unafraid of the challenge, she found her own way around it.  Although, her twin tail was no longer visible, here she was telling her tale in other words.

The door slams shut behind her as she sings an ancient song with the wind. Anticipation burning in her beating heart.



Waiting keenly to hear from you.

The Mermaid Storyteller. 


18th October 2018: Message 1 left on a plastic cup in Starbucks Texas City with the hope that some kind soul will reply. Fingers crossed.

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