The Tin Warrior Tales

After my unusual encounter with the Guru, a foreboding sense of “something” clings to my aura. It stubbornly nags. Carving a hole into my heart nervous. With my recent death acting as the catalyst for this propelling force, reflection takes over. Awareness bubbles to the raw surface. Death presents with the opportunity to seize a whole new existence. I could become anything, anyone, in anyway I want. I could finally be free from old skins. The burning question: where to begin?

All alternatives point to my new found friend “food“, who recently reminded me to embrace life. In order to live abundantly I must nourish my heart, mind, soul and of course physical body. What could food offer that would aid my new existence? Healing. This is when my “aha” moment happened. The singing chime of bells creating havoc in my mind busy. To be anything, I had to find my power in food not give it the power to own me. This is how my loosely shaped shadow begins to rebuild its shell. And with the help of a special visitor crystal clarity burns my old flesh.

The Art Magician is the sole reason I “saw” it from another perception. My eyes, feasting on a hidden truth only uncovered today. He redefined my understanding of food. In awe I watched as he created inspiring beautiful masterpieces. One after the other, he designed boldly beautiful treasures. Transfixed in this vibrant cocktail of colours, it was as if I woke up from my trance. The old dream suddenly dead. The artists pallet brimming with enchanting enthusiasm.

“You doubt my purpose. But you have to see me first to understand me. Then you must define me in your own words.”

Stuttered the cauliflower from beneath her exotic skin. Her soft body trembling in the cool warmth of liquid red paint. Red and green peppers, nodding in unison. Their frowning creases intense. An unspoken culinary code of honour. “We have purpose.” The rather unimpressed cherry tomatoes roll their tender centres at me. Disdain clearly apparent. My tongue disabled against clenched teeth defiant. The Art Magician was delivering a message simple yet it seems to have evaded me. I could choose the purpose.

With a puff of aromatic smoked spices, the haze clouding my vision lifts. Paprika stinging my eyes. The truth had been staring me in the face, yet I had to die again to finally push past my own limits. I had purpose so why would the gift of nature not have her own. Duh. Then the unraveling unraveled. I was choosing my new skin, I was reborn without labels or attachments. So, how did I apply my purpose? The rice excitedly shakes in its bowl, tipping across the neatly laid out platter. The Art Magician will not be impressed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re almost getting the point. Almost.”

It was screaming eagerly but no one actually spoke. From nowhere stoic flat bread slaps me across my face. I jerk back. I had been living a life for others, however, not this time though. The ending concluded. I had dreams, aspirations, desires. A world in which kindness, love, humanity prevails where our uniqueness is embraced. My new world would dance amongst vivacious colour, creativity, consideration. Then, why could food not be this expression. After all, the Art Magician was a fine master of creation. He was building an uplifting universe with his unconditional love for Mother Nature. This is the missing jigsaw of my food puzzle. I cannot build a home without a foundation. Food is the crux to my service to humanity. I had to take its jovial, merry hand and together build my castle. I could begin my own revolution.

A chorus of harmonic relief rings from the wooden artistry. I realise at last, I am now on the right path. I am not one for labels so I am not going to brand this journey as vegan or other. All I know is that I must live my purpose in its actions. Actions that are humanely considerate. Ethically soulful, valuing everyone and everything. Yet, playful fun in their demeanour. Swirling in creative rainbows my relationship with food can be honestly expressive experiments. I need not find the right way. I could define my own.

It won’t be easy.”

Warns the bitter bright lemon. It certainly won’t be. Firstly, I must accept that food is my saviour. Only, then can I translate that into a reality that will endeavour I reach my potential for the greater good of self and other. The principle easy. I am my own worth. Choices to nourish my body are reflections of my inner worth. It may seem complicated but anyone with experiences of disordered eating, trauma or malfunctioned childhoods fail at the basic hurdle of self care. Thus, it is a lesson, one where we parent ourselves to learn the simplest yet most rewarding experiences of life.

As the Tin Warrior, I have many obstacle courses to overcome. The very first to free my body from what it inherently holds in its default patterns. I trust with the help of the Guru, I will be many steps closer. And under the twinkling gaze of the Art Magician, I can celebrate the wonderful world of creativity to finally pay my respects to the earth for its abundance. Amongst all of this, manage my focus to change perceptive reality so I am able to positively influence my mindset. The process of rebirth evolving as I write this.

The discovery of a self awakening is only just coming to life. The chance to live within my grasp. My wings ready to take the plunge into sweet intoxication off delicately powerful joy.

Together in synchronicity, we shall function. Heart. Mind. Body. Soul. One true existence.

The giddy concoction of proud vegetables applaud at my awakening. I smile in happy comfort.

I would like to thank the Art Magician for his exceptionally amazing work. Credit to his commitment and true passion for his creativity. Please take a look at his pieces of stunning art below.

Polite note: photographs belong to the artist.

Thank you cauliflower curry and co for your kind support. Albeit, a little sarcastic at times.

Until the next creative explosion.


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