The Tin Warrior and the Guru

Sparkling angels dance with starry light, illuminating the already bright airy room. Her pearly whites, hurting my eyes. We weren’t used to such brightness. One of them sang in a language I somehow understood, although we didn’t speak the same language.

“The guru will be with you shortly. Be seated, please.”

My stuck hands stiff, without permission from my mind, lift into a rather awkward namaste salute. Don’t ask me why, even my hands don’t know. And I’m sure neither did the slightly bemused angels. Rattling, I hobbled to a row of seats.

The angels fading into the clean white walls as I begin to drift into my thoughts. Soft music rolls in my ears, unused to serene calmness. Feeling oddly out of place, I try to shift in my seat making unwelcome racket. Tin joints, groaning with my failed attempts. Sighing I close my eyes, weary. Weathering many storms for the last three years, I was unfamiliar with this light teasing. Actually, I was uncomfortable. I started craving for my dark haven, familiarity a lull warm. The pregnant cocoon of old ways, calling me home. I hadn’t left it in awhile, afraid to see the reality behind my darkened gloom.

Trembling, I clutch my tin fingers together. Pressing them against my heart beat erratic. There was something strange about this eerily awake room full of warm light. Suddenly, I was hot all over. Everything was so still even when it was all so alive at the same time. This was when the angel cooed again breaking my trance.

“Room 1, please.”

Her voice smoothly reassuring. It breaks my impending nervous breakdown. I nod. My slow attempt at standing a messy falter. I hesitate. I hear her thoughts and decline her unspoken offer of help. Spraying rain droplets everywhere, I put one metal foot in front of the other. And finally the motor begins to churn to some version of life. Of course, at no speedy race course. Eventually, I arrive at the elusive room 1. The door ajar, I again hesitate but some magical force wills me in.

Room 1 is dimly lit, casting curious shadows on the pale walls. It’s scent sweet, Room 1 is a garden floral of various delicacies. The window a high one, sheltered from the peek boo of adamant sun rays play fighting with the grey. It throbs with an unusual electric energy, yet peaceful all the same. It’s tune a slow hum of a drum beat rolling against waves. Tentatively I step forward. One step after another. My shuffling strangely loud for such an alive room. Unexpectedly, I smile at Room 1 and it winks back in a greeting jest.

“Hello, Tin Warrior.”

Chants a gentle voice from no where in particular. My nervous eyes quickly dart across the room since my stuck frame can’t. Behind us the door slams shut without any warning. I look up and to my amazement find a man floating, his long legs crossed, lean arms hanging loosely. His eyes twinkling with mischief. A halo of light clinging to his hair wild. His pale skin ghostly. My hair tingles, I don’t even know what hair tingling would feel like but it tingled, I swear.

I suppress my gasp, actually I swallow it. It would be rude not too.

“It has been long. I have waited for you. We have much to do, I see.”

I don’t know how he did it, he somehow flutters towards me. Just like that, he was standing next to me. I could hear the hum of his heart beat. His soft breathing in my shocked ears. He smiled wide. His whole being exploding into tiny fireworks. I shake my head, maybe I had tin cobwebs growing in it. I wished I hadn’t stayed in my hole for so long. It was then he laughed as if he heard my internal chat. And I laugh with him, it was warmly infectious but I think I was the object of his amusement.

“We have much to do. Come my friend for you are not meant to be stuck.”

With that he takes long fingers that are as if they had been dipped in yellow warm light and places them on my burning neck. Before, I know it, my neck shockingly cracks.

“Who are you?” I whisper.

“I am the Guru.” He whispers back.

Then in a flash of lightening he is gone. This was the moment, I became transformed. My stuck frame, free from centuries old pain. I could never forget this encounter, enchantingly odd. I’m sure neither did he.

I can’t explain this magic, I am no expert. All I know is that I had to see him again. He is the expert.

Be brave, embrace your bodies messages. They are signs that something is or is not in order. I hid for a long time before I admitted, something needed to change. Armed with that knowledge, I chose a new path. The Guru, a welcome surprise. If you are in the area, why not visit him at Only you can change your life.

Until we meet again, be safe, be happy, be bold. Why not find your own Guru?

Tin Warrior.


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