Cosmic Stardust


Love actually, has such an ill fated reputation. It’s proceeded by new age tinder hook ups, expressions of sexual freedom, the quick sand of never lasting. The endless possibilities of greener pastures winking at us from a distance. A world in which the shallow excitement of lust lingers in the air like fragrance.

Then there’s another world, where souls skilfully take charge of their very own destiny. Challenging limitless opportunity, all within their own inner realms. No real need to be seduced beyond themselves. By all means, I am not an old romantic, I didn’t exactly buy into all the love band aid melodrama. I in fact, believed in loving everyone unconditionally without limiting labels. However, whilst floating through this world of seeker souls, I literally fell in the mystical clutches of the cosmic love guru. Not at all wanting a lover of any kind.

He wasn’t teasing me with the idea of love. Hell no. He was offering unconditional love on a delicious platter of all those endearing qualities I ever wanted to find in others. All of it, in one single soul. Hard to believe as it is, one late evening, I found myself window shopping on a website for lonely souls. I was lonely less, bored more. At the time, something told me to stay online. Within moments, my senses tingled as the words on this page became electric. They were alive, singing in an intoxicating chant. My fingers unable to resist, with a will of there own, charging masterfully across my keyboard. Typing a sentence. Just one sentence.

“Cosmic calling. How do you reply?” 

Sighing in relief, I inhaled. It was as I if had suddenly been compelled to reply. Almost as if I had no choice. It was pure madness. He lived in the US. He wasn’t even looking for anything. Actually, I wasn’t looking for anything. He would never reply. With that thought in my mind, I shut down my laptop. Tonight, I was being stranger than my normal strange. Switching off the lights, I tucked myself away in my bed.

“He will reply.” Whispered my heart.

I fell into a sleep listless. Dreaming of more peculiarity than the norm. It was the 1st of July 2016. This date is imprinted on my soul. I will never forget it, regardless of the outcome. The energy charging my heart was incredibly powerful. I would never forget that feeling.

It wouldn’t be a love story, if he hadn’t replied. But we have a love story, so the cosmic love guru peddled his magic, wielding a wonderous path for us to travel. I feel in love with him, instantly. I think I had no choice. It was as if Cinderella’s fairy godmother had sprinkled magic dust and my Prince Charming, just stopped by whilst searching for the owner of one glass slipper.

His soul is beautifully honest, filled with love and laughter. He is like the rays of sunshine. He is the moonlight, brightening up midnight pathways. The fact that we live in two different countries,  was really no problem at all. Nothing was an obstacle within our unfolding love story. The time difference providing us with creative opportunities to express our gratitude for one another. Honestly, this was an uncomplicated long distance “platonic friendship- romance”. I believe that boils down to the mere truth- that we were individually fulfilled souls, working on our vulnerabilities. We were not willing to check into drama cycles craving to be rehashed.

I am sure the cosmic love guru stood proudly, when for the first time we locked eyes in Barbados 6 months later. Our souls finally meeting in the flesh. We were not strangers to one another. Our physical bodies, only completing our hearts messages. We had met long, long before. We needed no one to tell us otherwise. Three months later, in April 2017, we forged our alliance, in the way of a cosmic marriage. Together, we returned to our one home, our hearts. Now, this is where we live. In each other’s hearts, bursting with this explosive, passionate, crazy self consuming love. Our souls are on fire. Burning in the wander of our magical union.

I wish we could meet the cosmic love guru, to thank him for his blessing grateful. We will forever cherish this gift.

Eternally grateful souls. We look forward to our future as one.


Stardust drifting in the wings of the wind.



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