The Candle Man



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The Candleman 

Warm wax simmers in the arms of light smoldering cheekily. Melting in the arms of cool wisdom and knowing elusiveness as rainbow fireworks teasingly teasing the smooth curves of a kingdom lavishly ravishing in joy simple. The delicate air of stillness, serene cascades against fragile winds whistling gently. Their dance a seductive trance of footsteps laughing at promising unspoken truths unhidden. Paths, provoking the sleep walking into the mystical fantasy of realities many. The unbreakable bonds of time sealed in cosmic connections beyond words deaf to witnesses unseen. Eyes, watchful patiently waiting for impending storms, beckoning beneath calm waters. The electric sparks of energy sizzling beneath fingertips, tingling with the gift of magic destined to unravel. Masks unmasked submit willingly without fearful shame. Power potent exploding in embryonic life, defiant to live. Life reborn again and again in simple purity, enticed to shed layer upon layer of old skins.

Proudly, high on his throne, glistening underneath the rich luminous halo of light, flickers the faces of our voices, silent. Skin velvet smooth, evolves with each burning flame; blazing magnificently bright. Strong tall roots, embedded determinedly in mother natures bosom warm. Undeterred, resilience resilient in the wake of each dawn. Soft aromatic scents of sandlewood drifts fragrantly amongst the breeze fresh, whilst he burns slowly through day and night. His sweet melody of unconditional laughter rings crisply through the mirrors of puppets asleep.

Shattered. Scattered. Scarred. 

Raw, sizzling smoothness floods against the banks of unsuspecting waters. Yet, his flame alight, always. Never, dimming. Light against dark, midnight moonlight charges our frail weak hearts. Its beat rhythematically punctured with an infusion of enchanted light love, eager to heal our demons inner.

The unannouced arrival of the musical chants of burning fires lick hungrily without warnings much. It’s roar fierce. The wildly raging inferno of confused Wildfire, grappling helplessly with the magnetic coil of The Candleman. His greedy mirth pulling her into his melting warmth. A contagious laughter, echoing in her ears, dainty. Their embrace an awkward truce between strange friends unfamiliarily familiar. Wildfire’s whirlwind chaotic spins into sudden stillness unexpecting. The chemical alchemy of mysterious mystics forging a firm wall of togethered unitedness. The soft inner circle of family new, taking shape in the shadows begins a dance tantalising. Tethered, finally as one, they remain connected from a distance not so distant. His bewitching charm a spell, accidental. Yet, nothing random happens here. All is willed to unfold as it wishes. The colourful scattering of pixie dust, reviving forgotten dreams. Wildfires sudden arrival intriguing her into his world of modest beauty, honestly honest. Words, hardly needed as hearts mend, without any real clarity. His throne, worshipped wistfully by those unable to reach its true depth. Wars fought beyond its wall, unable to penetrate his kingdom solid.

The Candleman continues to bleed love into his magical little heaven, untouched leaves no one. The spell, a final call to the kingdom of inner selves. Heal your heart at the Magic House with The Candleman. Thank you kindly for all of your hearts openness.

Find your inner goodness with you, me and Emilio. 




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