Fluttering financial wings of freedom

The fluttering wings of our soul, sleeping amongst the noisy lull of modern life madness. Entrenched roots, intoxicated in the silent buzzing din of a coil so deeply embedded that the seen fades into the unseen. Merging realities distracting further. Open eyes closed shut tight.  Asleep. Awake. Asleep. On we go. Until we fall into a magical slumber; cocooned gently in the arms of mother nature to never awake again. Yet our desperate wings plead to ears deaf. Our dreams begging to explode into a vibrant cocktail of freedom. The voice of our truth crushed beneath many voices, unheard. Buried desires burning into the ashes of failure. Do you stop to listen?

Instead, clipped wings suffocating slowly, die. Whilst we chase the hypnotic rhythm of chaos.




Until we can go no more, when one day our footprints fade in the sand. Our voices, a memory distant. Rats in a money maze, seeking nameless happiness without the real understanding of happiness itself. Watching our lives pass us by, before our eyes dead. Unchanging change our norm. Our reflections blind behind cracked mirrors, unwilling to dig deeper. Cracking, crack by crack more.

What’s your self worth?

We die today to be reborn again. Only, when we can see ourselves. Burning passion passionately fighting to freely live. With the determination of a warriors will, we will spread our wings. One day, to authentically escape the shackles of iron cold clutches of a merciless master, faceless behind many faces. Finally, alive. Once trapped lungs, now breathe air fresh ready to face a war inner before any other.

Our enemy = the broken parts of a self forced to die everyday.

Our destiny = to heal our wounds, to love our beautiful hearts.

With me, will you choose life?

Together, in this over saturated world, disconnected connections seeking connections. Our battered minds, disabled from our once engaged hearts. We have forgotten our truths. Alone, we are not. We are beautifully unique butterflies, dipped in ink of our own special kind. The blood raging through our veins, one of the same. Our exotic difference, forging a familiarity similar. Bleeding the same blood red. You die, I die. Our song, one. Then, why do we die alone, broken?

I call you to the promise of the illuminating light of love. Its radiant warmth, sinking deep into your cells. This is the moment, to find yourself, finally to break the rhythm forged by the hands of evil others. Evil within staging an alliance to seal our fate amongst the sleeping dead. Frozen silence, cracking through ice thin walls. Its voice, a shrill brittle, calling you to life. Listen to your heart.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Its thudding, a reminder stark. You once were born free. Rebirth, a path new. A wild intoxication surging through your freshly renewed soul, belonging within. Beneath the furious beast betrayed, awakens a spark. The fragile delicate blosson of love, forcing its way to life. The beginning of an ending, awake again like cool spring water, dripping between fingers wet. The insistent call of a voice in your once dead heart, louder. The chance to find love, with no other but yourself. An invitation to insanely, madly fall in love with the imperfect beauty that embodies your thin veil; so one day you know your worth. The calling of freedoms of various kinds beyond your checkbook.

Are you awake?

To allow yourself the chance, find out more with Michael Johnson and Angel Eyes.


Check out 21/02/2017 to enjoy your own freedom.


Love. Peace. Harmony.

Fly far with your new found wings with love in your heart.











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