Inspired Chats

Unspoken silence woven in stillness silky. 

Divided moments, fragile in time and space.

Words gentle, delicate music to ears small.

Captured precious memories, imprinted on a mind drifting.

Sleep. Awake. Sleepless.

Unfilled dreams, filled by desires many.

Eyes wide, a trance hypnotic.

Once anticipating foot steps, warm against sand testing.

Dreams. Dreamless. Dreaming.

Joyful fingers and toes tracing journeys, tender on skin, reminiscing.

Dancing limbs thudding to a beating heart.

Music, unheard by others; a lullaby sweet.

Tears of a child, an ocean in my fingertips.

One tear yours.

One tear mine.

Small hand in strong ones, tingling in magic electric.

It’s roar, ecstatic.

A solid bond forged in unspoken truths.

Overwhelmed hearts, waiting in patience forced.

Excitement, a dream pending.

Promises fierce, remaining solid through the test of time.

Anticipating hope bursting with energy bright.

Words unspoken, spoken in moments many.

Laughter hungry, all around.

Unspoken words of father to a daughter small.

For our children.

Are you a father? What are your thoughts?

Please be kind, considerate and thoughtful.

A world of our making, a world without hate and absent parents. ❤


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