Holier than thou …

Holier than thou ……

Being a creative, curious soul that I am, I always find myself pondering the depths of the unusual. So, here I am, flirting with the holy art of body piercings. Random, images floating to mind.

Hmmm.. The burning question …..
Is this really body art or another body evil, that we can use to disfigure our bodies? Simple endorsement by “supposed celebrities” paving a trend of deforming what one might see a gift from God or the universe?

Piercing artists, possibly already infuriated by such debates, may care not. But the thoughts still burn in my mind … I am no prude, yet the more I reflect, the more I debate why suddenly are we possessed to play with extremities.

Its like socialised standards and taboos are ever changing. Where the next trend may evolve from your intimate parts, toes and whatever else is falling hopefully in to sterilised hands. I am going deeper than that. I am questioning the psychological and emotional states of those who take piercings to another level. And the artists who push these limits, do they have an ethical code, where enough is enough? Or is someone’s body just a pay check until they rock up again, again, again. An addict almost on a fix…

Kendal Jenner, here in this photo, indirectly “making it cool” to puncture your face or others (picture 2) who pierce to lengths, that they are no longer recognisable. What do they hide, or from? What is that really about?

As I continue to wonder, my mind goes through many possibilities. Body art, self expression, self destruction, uniqueness, fear, body issues, self hate, defying social norms, insecurities, creativity, fashion, monsters …. On, it goes. Where will it end?

Hopefully someone, outside of my head, will be able to provide an alternative. Even better, a piercing artist will pop along to share thoughts.

What does your mind reply?

Pierce. Pierce. Pierce. Is that the way?

Tomorrow, we may awake amongst pierced clones, ashamed to be not pierced?

❤ peace and hugs


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