The Humanity Train …


Once, where words were merely a chaotic blur, increasingly now I find myself closer to a place, where I not just see but in fact really see and hear beyond the masked noises blaring deafeningly loud. The seeing of a reality, which in its essence is saturated in distractions and desires of instant gratification of an on demand greed, hungry always. A world, that we as our one ‘collective’ are honestly sleep walking through, each day merging into one another. Yes, amongst this mess mass, although I am not really asleep, temporarily I play stoned. Simply, taking what I believed to be a well earned sabbatical. In truth, an illusion to get out of a social responsibility no one seems to notice. Here, I live in the hope that the world I desire will magically surface before my eyes. More, I reflect, the more I recognise that ultimately, this is a dream of an idealistic selfish self waiting for others to carve a path that I alone feel I cannot embed in a system so prolifically powerful. The world I want, does not exist outside my reality unless I do something to enable it.

Here, emerges a beginning fresh. A conflict vividly dangerous. Where do I start? Wouldn’t it be easier to semi subconsciously daze alongside others? To let my soul suffer a death slow? Or to forge a path alone, unknown and isolating? Be hated or to be accepted as I am perceived? The idea of a death deliberately suffocating seems like a punishment heavy for a burden unwarranted that I know ‘we’ as ‘one’ humanity do not deserve. Then what do we do?

After much thought, my answer was surprisingly simple.

We accept.

Acceptance. It seems really too simple. I imagine it is harder to implement, depending on how deep one slumbers behind the smokescreens’ many. What are we accepting, you may ponder. We accept that this modern world, we inhabit is completely corrupt. It’s core rotten to a degree that our sleeping eyes, can not see. It’s decaying layers, a reflection current of historical chains of evil, we systematically perpetuate either knowingly or not. We continue this cylindrical cycle. The pendulum swinging against us. Like many of us, I to ‘believe’ and to some degree ‘belong’ here. Yet, the harsh, brutal truth will slap us in our face one day or another. No matter, where we are, who we are, and what we do will NOT matter. Depending on the political, economical and financial game play of the time, one of many of us, will be another scapegoat for the “modern terror” that coexists concurrently in our lives. Today, the time is mine to embody that ‘perceived’ terror. Tomorrow, it will be yours. This, isn’t designed to take refuge and shun our own responsibility for the part we interplay in these theatrics’. Not all, to a degree, we also are at fault for allowing ourselves to fall prey to our inner  evils. For how long, will we continue this way? Please, hear me. Do not sleep through this until a reality ugly comes knocking on your door.

Without, hate and with sadness, I recognise that this criminal, which shackles us to a fate dire, is no other but the one from history that continues to rule over the world entire.

White supremacy.

An evil historical. Before, I am tarnished and attacked with slanderous remarks, this is not about rebranding hate between  ‘us’ and ‘them’. This message is altruistically about peace and love. I hope you can accept that, many may not. However, my voice is here. It accepts that no matter, how included I feel, at some point, I will be held accountable for my difference. My skin colour. My heritage. My history. My name. My faith. My beliefs. My gender. The list continues. My whatever. Beyond the subliminal war, an overt one stares right at us. In the here and now, I will be the other, indefinitely. Simply because I am not white. I intend not to advocate hatred for ‘white people’. In fact, I want to extend love and warmth to everyone. A real possibility? Who knows. All, I accept for the time being is that white supremacy exists. Not alone to dominate us as the others but to continue the defragmentation of a collective self, which is forced not to bypass a culture of capitalistic over stimulation by selling us a poisonous way of life that disallows for our souls to flourish. I do not need to hate. I am long past it. Honestly, I need to accept that may place in our world is not of one equal.

Therefore, knowing this and daring not to ignore it, where is my destination? I take stock of my fear and hop on to the humanity train to wherever the next destination is. I wish to belong to a world outside societal tags that confine me to labels other than HUMAN. Labels, which truly strip us from finding our true, authentic selves that otherwise will sleep through this mass destruction.

I stand naked.

Torn from my tags. A new reborn self.

Today, I may walk alone on unsteady steps, isolated. One day, though you will join me. For now, I live in peace that, I am awakened until drugged again. Again, I will wake up to shed a skin that has no purpose anymore. I am not afraid to fight past this dangerous fog.  I dare to be awake in a world dying sadly.

Join me.

Together, we will only be human.

Be humanity. Be one. Be with me.

Will you board my train? WP4Phone_20150713125025_0


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