Sleeping beauty, a Princess Pakistani …


Falling into a slumber deep, a princess once ethnic danced into a merry trap of a life she believed to be enriched. Dreams, hopes, desires. One of many snatched hastily by a witch wicked. Her sneer bewitchingly magical. A trap enchanting, drawing her in closer until fully emersed she became. A calculated web intricately woven by enemies unknowingly familiar.
A pin prick, single. Life changed forever, today.

Eyes twinkling brown, sealed tight. Skin mocha, frozen in time passing. Still on the outside like a child peaceful. Yet, an unspoken war internal rages on. Fueled by fear old. Trapped in a body ancient, with a mind deliriously chaotic, she was sentenced to hell eternal. Passing’s passing her by. No beautiful prince arrived to awaken her with true loves kiss. Neither did her fairy god mother hop by waving her delicate wand. Life continued living. Slave to a fatigue chronic and a battle with an eight year self, her drugged vacuum remained to forge itself further.
The faint tantalising call for prayer, echoed in her mind but unwillingly rebellious eyes refused to respond. Unmoving lips, begging for freedom. Conflicted soul chained to a body deliberately dead. Caged cocoon, a bliss deliberately cruel.

Months, merging all into one. 21 months late, fragilely  emerges she from the ashes of a  burning slow of  a self now useless. A bonfire mockingly cool. Her  once thriving kingdom now a ruin tattered. Her king and queen, a distant memory. Their remains, an essence lingering in air electric. Skeletons of lives many crushed beneath her feet, small.
Today, she begins again. A princess no longer. Just a girl ordinary.  Hope reborn  in her heart and love consuming her soul.  Beckoning life closer she challenges it to unchange her.

Live with me.


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