I miss being in love.

But what exactly is being in love? Is it not just brain chemistry or a hallucination of the mind?

When we meet somebody new and provocative they infect our synapses, like a virus, triggering neuro-chemicals that can develop into attraction, arousal, even infatuation. We become engrossed, we start thinking about that person all the time, possibly even in the middle of reading an insightful article(!)…to the point our brains are completely altered and intoxicated.

But we’re not just thinking about them, we’re building an internal ‘model’ of them in our head. A simulation or hallucination that helps us fantasise what they’ll think or how they’ll react and fit into our lives. Of course this is where many relationships get into trouble when that simulation, that fantasy, we’ve built in our minds meets reality and we’re let down. Which begs the question: Do we ever really fall in love…

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