Embracing Souls

Footprints in sand cool, alone amongst no other.
Memories of paths crossed, faint in air crisp.
Energy electric dancing in the wings of the wind.
One soul to another, here I call.

Steps tiny, closer to a dream strange now.
Desire almost long forgotten in the shadow of a reality other.
Beating of a heart, stiller the stillness itself.
Once alive as a shell, solid.
Buried beneath the smokescreen of a skin another.

Journeys, soulfully silent, in search for a beginning long begun.
Step by step, step I.
Seeking souls other.
Home within a home.
Walls four, freer then freedom it self.

An essence whole.
Cocooned in a skin, intricately beautiful in delicate cracks of lives lived.
Artistically artistic rebirth of love never lost.
Heart beat.

Watchful eyes, awake, watching.
Find me.
Touch me.
Hold me.
Be me.

Reborn together.



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