Friend Farted. Hell, yeah!


Yep, you read right. I said friend farted. You, know the moment you’ve been shat out because the doors suddenly are closed. Wondering, what poop I am whittling on about? Well, you must have had that friend, once who you got on amazingly well with. Yeah, that’s the one. Suddenly, one fine day, they fall in love, which bothers you not. You’re simply happy for them. After all, you were genuinely friends platonic. Platonic. No romance, welcome here. Nothing more or nothing less.

Imagine now, you’ve been friends for a year or longer in instances some. In other cases, only friends virtually, friends nevertheless. Intimate, emotionally, I mean. Then afternoon another, you’re phone pings. You have a message new. From your friend beloved. Delight, consumes you, you of course like your friend. Why would you not?

“Hey, you! Sorry, not been in touch. Busy with my new girlfriend. Regrettably, I think we can’t stay in touch anymore as my girlfriend may not be best pleased. All the best!”

So, now armed with reason to hate them, you stare at your phone, hateful. Seriously, did this just happen? You want to hate them. Yet you don’t. Battling with desires to reason, then sadness and finally, common sense prevails. All in minutes, few, only. Clearly, you see. The mist lifted. Realisation, that friendships, true, last forever. Relationships, merely come and go. Time, will only unravel, what becomes.

Although, I care, little. A sadness, seems to linger. Particularly, that in such modernistic times, we as humans are unable to experience human interactions without freedom, fear or insecurity. Today still, we are confined to such narrow-minded reasoning about our involvement with others. Evolving, halted by minds stagnant. Such a shame, seriously. Men and women, incapable of maintaining, friendships, neutral. Put bluntly, really, is there only room for one relationship in our lives? I think not. It seems rather sad and constricted. But, I guess some of us, have to follow the paths, perceived.

Others, live freely without the perimeters of such immaturity. In all fairness, I much prefer to be friend farted, then be to slowly be influenced by values, conventional.

Anyhoo, time to clean up the mess. 😊



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