Dear Terrorists

Dear Terrorists,

Nameless, faceless and fearful terrorists. I have no idea, how to address you. I can’t even bring myself to verbally abuse you, nevermind considering a slaughtering inhumane. I write this letter, with the knowledge that you are both blind and deaf. Yet, I cannot restrain myself.

A part of me begs to understand. Understand your need to violate humanity and butcher life, human. Personally, I can’t imagine animals innocent losing lives. Death of another human, living, is uncomprehending. Then, how is it that you can disregard life so little?

Parts of me, reel in confusion. Desire to help you, to see beyond yourself, torment my soul. However, my eyes, innocent, cannot see the world from your place. A blindness consuming us both in different ways. Strangers in a world chaotic yet bound together merely by our existence human. Here, though I realise, that I prefer not to see the world through your eyes. Why, is it so that you can?

Sadness, deep sits in my soul. An uncomfortable-ness penetrating a heart fragile. In moments other, it is consumed with anger and grief for lives lost. Lost in the name of nothing. Do you really not see that? Really are you beasts savage intoxicating the world with a cancer of your own brand?

Simply, I cannot see where this will end. Blood shed, violence and rage, is it the only answer? I cannot stop wondering how it is. It will only fester hatred, deep into our histories. Further to fuel our generations, next. So, please, why not see the world from our place? You and I, a beginning, new, harmonious even. I know its a cry far. I’ll settle for civil. Regrettably, I know this plea, may ignite you further and urge an onslaught immediate. But, I live in hope that you wake up from slumber, evil to realise the beauty of life and humans. With a heart heavy, I know, this is but only a dream.

Thank you for your moments, contaminated.


Human being.


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