Dark darkness darkened in an already dreading mind dark.


Him alone.

Him again.

Always him.

His shadow grim, overwhelming the hallway, docile. Senses alight with
a desire to escape into the open openness opening again.

Senses mine.
Not his. Mine, simply.

A game is born, bleak. Waiting game,  begins to begin again.
Unwillingly unwilling darkness seeps slowly through pregnant silence,
premature. Rebellious rebellion repels, violently. Emerging struggles struggles without confines, any. Yet, unwittingly it contains itself.

Shoulders small shiver, selfishly. I shrug, flippantly flippant.
Pointless it is. Victory always begrudgingly belongs to him. Smile
absurd, dances delicately delicate on my face, battered.

He moves a little left; sharp senses sensing, fearful fear fearing.
Poignantly poised to dance dangerously with dangerous danger
anticipated. Proud predator proudly awaiting the kill, greedy. The
darkness grim, continues to revel, inhibitingly in it’s journey joyful.

Whole wholesomeness no longer whole.

Parts private, scattered in the face of scars a fresh.

Broken brokeness broken again.

Floating senses float away from my consciousness, unconsciously
unconscious. I try to fight it with enthusiasm, little. Defeated not.
A willingly willing participant, participating. Desire to unleash the
unknowingly unknown, in wild rage within. Wounded animal like, in its
deepest depth deeper. Ready it is to ravishingly ravish the unknown.

Darkness. Deep. Empty.
Dark darkness deep in deepness empty.

Screaming, screams escape into silence, deathly. Is it mine? Unsure, I
am but I think it is. Breath uneasy, slips through lips, frantically
frantic. Blinking eyes, mine. A strange blurry blurriness blurs
everything. A world wonderful, unknown. Trembling trembles suddenly
bone chillingly chilled. My frame small collapsingly collapses in a
thudding thud, against the unfriendly floor cold.

Beating of a heart once living, no longer alive.
Alone I am.
Swept away in a dream, suffocatingly suffocating.

Conscious consciousness further sinks in depths dark. The hazy
haziness between reality and an ever increasing nightmare dangerously
close to obscure obsecureness. Deathly darkness, dark, decidely decides
to evaporate, lifelessly lifeless.

Reasoning reason reassuringly begs to emerge.
Heartbroken heart hears it’s pitiful pity.
Shoulders of a child delicate shrouded in shame sincere.
One step forward. One step back.
Forward again.

Darkness, kindly close the door behind you.


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