Essence of friendships

Essence – of a geek.

He stands alone.
A coin flipped, wildly spinning in the air.
Once I knew him. I think.
His essence a familiar scent.
Laughter that once lingered-now merely silent.
Friendship firmly in a pixies magical lock.

Burning ashes remain.
A bond sealed by Murakami’s firm hand.
We take an oath. Stamped in blood.
One drop his. One drop mine.
Kafka drowns, dampened pages in ink drifting.
Waters icy harsh on skin warm.
The wall of China selfishly stands solid.
Stubborn arrogance stamped in winds temperamental.

Hands cold, steamed by tea, sweet.
Fingertips tired in an embrace delicate.
Hands of mine, no other. Alone.
Creases firm, persistent in their nature are etched in a brow bored.
Confusion? Annoyance? Irritation? Hurt?
At best hard to determine.
Tumbling thoughts teasing an already over excited mind.

Fairies, sweet, whisper unknown nothings in my ear, tender.
A child clutches my fingertips frozen.
Deep, heartily laughter warms my inside.
I am beckoned closer by a world I left behind.
An angels touch comforts my soul tormented.
Faith- holds me tight.

Anger? Never.
Moments once united; now forever lost.
Beginnings, beginning a fresh.

I return.
An essence, protected once again.
Smiles lost, again found.
Twinkling eyes seek a destination another.
Randomness of a life lived.

An essence lost and found.
Sand in my fingers.
A reminder of an old self.

He no longer stands alone.
Neither do I.


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