Dreams of a love

Tantalisingly tempted tenderness tempting.
Air electric seductively seductive.
Ashes, old, disregarded disrespectfully on skin, reminiscent.
Eyes, wildly wild blurred beneath a smokescreen, deceptive.
Fluttering of lashes, black.
Blind blindness blinded by memories, jaded.

Tousled waves tangled in a war wildly erotic.
Vibrant vibrancy vibrant in stoney silence.
Tiny toes buried beneath clothes of another.
Hide and seek with each other.
Intoxicatingly intoxicated smoke, suffocating lungs, dry.
Limbs loose, limp.
Seductively scented scent stale in a room, crowded.
Freedom beckoning us closer.
Her fingers imprinted on my skin, burning.
A cocktail confusingly confused.
A mix, intensely electric.

Eyes heavy, burdened by fire alight, inner.
Her skin against mine, now alone.
Dancing smokers drifting past a mind lucid.
Words unspoken.
Pregnant silences dangerously dangerous.
Her memories vividly alive in mine.
Embedded. Interwined. Intermingled.


Fogginess, fresh intoxicated in moments delirious.
Sheets untouched.
Air crisp in a room clinical.
Silk in fingertips fragile waiting for memories old.
Darkness once dim, now brightly brighter.
Her image fighting life in my mind numb.

Her ashes seducing winds howling.
Fate tempted.
Touched, untouched.
Her skin warm against mine, trembling.
Only a moment old.

We were one time lovers.
Correction, I was her one time lover.
She loved another.


Bonds broken by time.




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